Friday, 4 October 2013

Pasta and peas? Perfect!

Before I came to Italy, I have to admit that I never thought about putting peas with pasta. But here in Puglia, they tend to do it a lot. It's simple, doesn't take long to prepare and tastes pretty damn good. It's almost like a thick, hearty soup: perfect for those cool Autumn days.

And you don't even need to use fresh peas..I didn't! You just need a bit of oil, some chopped onion and a chopped tomato, and get it all frying nicely in a pan. Once the onion is soft, add a can of peas (this will probably make enough 'pea sauce' for 3 or 4 people) as well as the water from the can. Chuck in half a stock cube and leave on a medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, get the pasta cooking in some salted boiling water.. Don't even think about putting penne or spaghetti with peas, as it's highly likely that some Italian mamma/nonna will come and hunt you down and give you a good telling off. Small peas? Small pasta! In terms of pasta quantity, you'll want a little less than your average one-person portion as the peas bulk up the dish quite a bit.

Once the pasta and peas are done, bring them together in perfect pasta pea harmony.You can always add a cheeky sprinkle of parmesan too if you fancy it. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds delicious Amy. I'd be tempted to mix in some Pancetta as well:)

    1. What a wonderful suggestion John! I'll definitely try that next time! :)