Thursday, 21 November 2013

Language matters...

Hi folks!
So, this Brit has had some small issues with language recently.  Not with my own language (although this does happen sometimes...particularly early in the morning) but with that lovely lingua italiana. In Italian, there are several different forms of 'you'- the familiar, the formal and the plural. Seeing as recently I have found myself in many more situations where the formal 'you' is required, I have had to do a lot of practise. There have been errors and moments of utter confusion, but I am finally getting better at it. Ahh, if only Italian were an 'only one you is necessary' language like English, where you can address your best friend and the Queen in exactly the same manner. Not that I talk to the Queen much. Ahem. 

To explain the formal/familiar 'you' idea better, here's this lovely Italian lady:

Have any of you had any Italian language related issues?

Ciao for now!

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