Friday, 6 December 2013

Freddie, Food and Festivities....

Well dear readers, I feel I must chiedo scusa  AGAIN for not writing for a while! I have been far too busy for my liking recently (bring on Christmas!) and haven't had the chance to write! When I did check my blog page however, I saw a new comment and two new followers, so I am absolutely chuffed that people are still reading! Thanks so much :)

So, what's new here in the south? Not a lot to be honest. The olive harvest has taken a bit of a hit due to some TERRIBLY English weather (ie a massive amount of rain) that we've had recently, so I have yet to get my hands on a bottle of the yummy green stuff. However, despite my lack of oil, I have still been stuffing my face (sorry, what an awful image) with lots of yummy Italian treats. While I may not have been writing lately, I have got a nice little collection of images to share with you....

Ahh, everyone needs a winter warmer...

This calorific cake is made from pan di stelle cookies and a whole load of cream and nutella. HEAVEN.

The classic brodo (broth) and pasta. Looks simple, tastes amazing.

Our local town hall, all festive and whatnot.

I ordered this from Amazon a little while ago. I had a bad cold recently so got all snuggled on the sofa and read about fabulous Freddie. 
A new local Enoteca in San Severo...

...where we ate these delicious treats.

They may like serving lemon with their tea (sacrilege!) but at least you get a nice selection of biccies.

Buon Natale indeed.

Cook in ten minutes with five ingredients. This book is on my Christmas list.

The panettone and pandoras are flooding in....

And today's lunch? Tortellini with butter and parmesan. Simple. Easy. Yummy.
Back soon folks...have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow! Love the Christmas lights - pity Torremaggiore didn't look like that when we came to visit ;-)