Sunday, 27 May 2012

La musica...

I've always been curious about how Europeans (or any non-native English speakers in fact) feel when they hear all the English and American songs on the the radio and on TV. Isn't it weird to listen, and indeed sing along to, songs that are being sung in a completely different language? Well, no, it isn't apparently. Not only are many non native English speakers learning English anyway and can therefore understand a lot of what they are singing, it seems as though it isn't even an issue. Italians seem to be so used to listening to songs in other languages (I've heard French, Spanish and Portuguese on the radio) that when asked if they find it weird, of course they say no, because it's so normal. I thought it best to try and have the same attitude towards Italian music. I may not understand it very well, but I shall listen and hopfully enjoy it despite this.

When you think of current Italian music, what springs to mind? For me, it was...well, nothing, if I'm honest. Vasco Rossi? Surely everyone knows him. But after that, I was stumped. I listened to some radio, asked around a bit and tried to discover what people were actually listening to. Italian music varies just as much as British music does. You can find rap, reggae, pop, and everything in between.Here are some of the songs and artists I am currently enjoying. What do you think?

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