Wednesday, 20 June 2012

football fever...part 2!

Remember what I said about Italians being fairly chilled out, not getting too rowdy and hooligan-like over football? Well, I take it all back!

Another evening of football viewing started off well, with pizza, beer and a nice, calm atmosphere. But people got increasingly more animated as Italy (excuse me for saying this) weren't playing so well. In the end however, as you all know, they triumphed over Ireland and ended up winning 2-0. Then the celebrations really began!! Behold, how my small, simple town in the south of Italy celebrated a football win...

The Irish one started very optimistically!!

There's simply no get-together without some food.

Very calm and collected...

The mandatory smoking break during half time.

A little tomfoolery during half time...
And when the match finished, the celbrations began...

How many Italians can you fit into a car...

Even the girls got involved

And underage riders sans helmet. Ahem.

Basically, the whole town hosted a procession of moped riding, flag waving, horn beeping Italians. It was awesome!

Have a look at this (short!) video to get a better idea of what I mean:

And guess what's coming up on Sunday? Yes, I'm sure you all know...England v. Italy. I'm excited and scared in equal measure..being the only English person in an entire town of Italians when THAT match is on?! Help!!

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