Saturday, 7 July 2012

a bit of 'lip service'!

I'm a fan of the real time TV channel. Yes, it's true. I like watching a load of American and British reality shows dubbed into Italian. Gordon Ramsay screaming his head off in the language of love? Definitely. Dr Christian on Embarrassing illnesses explaining about sweaty pits in italiano? Yes please. Watching TV is one of my favourite ways to learn Italian, and when you see shows that you are familiar with, this makes the process much more enjoyable.  But there are also a load of Italian reality shows too, one of my favourites being something along the lines of Trinny and Susanna, but with the campest Italian man ever playing Trinny.

So why is this post about lips? Well, because I now have super soft lips. Thanks to Clio. Another Italian show on real time that I like is called 'Clio Make Up', and yes, it is what you think. A woman called Clio does people's make up. Personally, I think she herself wears too much of the stuff, but I do rather like her tips. There's one particular section of the show where she moves over to her little kitchen and tells you what different fruit/veg/other edible substances that you can slop on your face to make you look healthier/younger/fresher. Unfortunately she doesn't slap it all over her own face, which would undoubtedly be more interesting.

Recently, she mentioned a lip scrub, and this got my attention. I have very dry lips, which get worse when it's really cold or really hot, the latter of which it most definitely is now. I thought I'd give it a go, seeing as it really was ridiculously simple. So here it is!

Take some sugar and some lip balm- something like vaseline or another petroleum jelly based balm works best.

Mix the two together and there you have it! A sugary sweet scrub!
Not only was the scrub so sweet that I actually wanted to eat it (I didn't), but it worked really well. Give it a go! :D

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