Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Midweek memes...

If there's one thing that Italians are really good at, (apart from making pizza...and pasta...and gelato) it's having a sense of humour. My boyfriend, friends and even students can't go 2 minutes without making some kind of joke. So I thought I'd poke fun (very gently) at them by showing you some funny 'Italy' memes...

My dad actually showed me this last one..thanks dad! ;D


  1. Hi Amy, I definitely laughed out loud at this, especially the Inglorious Basterds poster. I just watched that movie the other day for the first time and couldn't stop laughing at part in the movie theater- too funny! Your blog is adorable, I actually lived in Bologna for a year. Miss Italy terribly!

    1. Hey Claire! Glad you like the blog!! :) That part of the movie is my fave too-sooo funny! I've only been to Bologna once but I liked it. I always go on about how great the south is but Bologna (and Parma) are two places up north that I do really like. You must come back to Italy! If only for the awesome gelato, pizza, it! :)