Sunday, 12 August 2012

Packed and ready! Well, almost...

So, my time in the UK has almost come to an end. But there's one more thing that needs to be done before I go.

No, not another episode of Poirot....

I must, of course, pack my bag. 20kg of hold baggage and 10kg of cabin baggage, all meticulously (hah!) arranged into my big and little cases respectively, and then carefully weighed (to see how much more I can stuff in...)

Well...I may have accidentally purchased some second hand books from some wonderful second hand bookshops in Tewkesbury. 

5 too many. Woops. This will not help my packing situation. But I can't resist cheap, second hand paperbacks when I see them. I will find a way.

P.S I also came across a little shop called Kalliste on the High Street. You can find lots of fantastic jewellery, clothing and other lovely bits and bobs. (Check them out on Facebook here.) I couldn't resist this gorgeous bracelet. And only £1?! Good grief!