Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What to watch?!

I'd like to say that, while in Italy, every evening I am out and about, drinking tasty Italian wine, meeting friends, sitting on a gorgeous beach watching the sun set. Don't be fooled into thinking that I am always doing this. Often? Possibly. But always? Definitely not.

Especially when I'm feeling lazy/it's raining/it's cold (yes, it DOES get chilly in the winter!) I don't particularly want to leave the comfort of my flat. So I cook up a storm (ahem..or get the boyfriend to..) and settle down to watch some ITALIAN TV. 

I was determined to use my TV as a learning aid. And my word did it work. After the first few weeks of confusion, I was starting to understand more and more. If you want to get some amazing listening practice, just turn on the TV. In the process, I grew very fond of a few shows. Here are my recommendations (you may notice a slight Italia 1 trend..):

Le Iene (Italia 1)
Current affairs, interesting reports, jokes, mixed in with the odd bit of dancing...don't miss this one on. Even just to see the Ilary's ridiculously high heels. 

Wild (Italia 1)
Watch a very pretty, mildly annoying but ever so enthusiastic woman present a show that includes all sorts of wild, nature-y things. It also includes Bear Grylls. You can't go wrong. 

Almost Anything on Real Time 
I love this channel. It's a massive guilty pleasure. As well as original Italian shows (Clio Make Up, Ma Come Ti Vesti?!) they also have many Italian dubbed UK/US shows like Abito Da Sposa Cercasi and Cucine a Incubo (yep, you can watch Gordon Ramsey cursing in Italian...sort of)

Mistero (Italia 1)
In case you hadn't guessed by the title, this is a show which tries to explain a whole load of mysteries. Often interesting, sometimes silly, occasionally rather spooky. 

But, as much as I am becoming a fan of Italian TV, I still love watching loads of English TV when I'm at home. I definitely need to get a big fix before I'm once again catapulted back into the Italian language. Are you a fan of any of these?!

Taggart (there's been a murrrdeeerrrr...ahem)

Midsomer Murders
My absolute favourite...a certain Belgian detective that you may have heard of... David Suchet rules. Fact.
You may see that I'm a fan of murder mysteries. Well, I am, especially the very well made British ones. Although I also have a soft spot for this legal drama:

And this (now ended) American plastic surgery drama. Which they are still showing in Italy...result!

Love the drama...but love the doctors more (swoon)
Happy viewing!

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