Thursday, 9 August 2012

A sense of achievement...

I have achieved something great. It has taken me a while and I have thought about giving up. There have been times of happiness, and there have been times when I have been really rather confused.

Yes dear readers, I have finished a book. A book, in Italian. Here it is:

You may recognise this from my previous ramblings. Read a synopsis (in Italian!) here.
Any of you who have managed to finish a book in a foreign language may also understand my elation at doing so. Watching as the pages go by (LOOK! I said to my boyfriend, LOOK how much I've read! As I shoved the book in his face, showing him the *great* amount of pages), the words actually sink in, and you really start to get into the story, you have this wonderful sense of achievement. My Italian learning process has been slow yet steady, so, after just over18 months of living and working in Italy, I have done it. I've officially read a proper book in Italian. From start to finish. 

I didn't understand every single word. And sometimes there would be parts of the text that I'd have to re-read several times. And If I wasn't fully concentrating, I might as well have been reading Japanese. Focus was necessary. It also took me a good while to get through the 350 or so pages. But I persevered. And luckily, it was a good story (Sophie Kinsella's words never fail to amuse me), so that made things much easier! 

So let this be an encouragement to any of you who are in possession of a book in Italian, German, Chinese, or any other language for that matter, and are dubious about starting it. It may be there on your bookshelf, tempting you, challenging you. But instead of shoving it out of sight,  just read it, because it feels oh so good when you've finished! Then, as well as be able to boast to all your friends (I haven't done that, honestly...), you will feel much better about reading more in the future.

Happy reading all you fellow bookworms!


  1. I was in the process of checking out your blog for the first time (love it, by the way... I'll be back!) when this post caught my eye, because I'm about two chapters away from finishing this book myself! It's also the first novel I've read in Italian, and after seven months of living in Rome and struggling through the language starting from zero understanding, it feels like a massive achievement!

    Have you since read any more good (and relatively simple) books in Italian? I'm looking for new additions to my bookshelf now.

    1. Hey Sara! How are you? I'm happy you stopped by my blog! Isn't it great to finally read and finish a novel in another language? Such a great sensation. I am currently reading another Sophie Kinsella book- one in the shopaholic series- so maybe try another of hers? They aren't too difficult. Good luck with your reading and come back to visit me here soon! :):):)