Friday, 28 September 2012

Food Friday: Sweet and, err, not so sweet....

It's Friday. (Yay!)

And I have a lovely little food post for you.

Firstly, have a look at these mouthwatering photos of cannoli (the Sicilian speciality which I have gone on about/taken many photos of before). My boyfriend recently went on another trip to Sicily and, being the wonderful person he is, he bought some fresh cannoli back for me. Yes, I know what you may be thinking, fresh ricotta after 10 hours on a hot bus?? Don't worry, there was a fridge. (I know! A fridge on a bus! But no time to go into that now.)

He had kept the 'shells' separate from the ricotta mixture, not only so we could have fun 'building' them ourselves, but also so that the shell would stay nice and crunchy. Needless to say, they were AMAZING:

On a healthier note (because yes, shock horror, cannoli are not what you would call a 'light' option...) here's what I had for lunch today:

This is 'pancotto' (I do hope I've spelt that correctly...writing in Italian is not my strong point...), which is basically made using mixed vegetables and bits of bread, with oil, salt and garlic. A lot of people aren't too fond of it to be honest, but I think it's great. I adore veggies so it's perfect for me. 

Hope you have a fantastic food filled Friday!!


  1. Looks amazing! I've not tried these yet. I have lots of students from Puglia though and two brought me a pasticiotto and I fell in love with it.

  2. Yum!!! I love food posts. ^_^

    xo - Sheila