Thursday, 8 November 2012

1 year with the Italian man...

Sorry folks, today is a soppy blog post. Still Italian themed, but definitely soppy.

Today, myself and my lovely boyfriend celebrate our 1 year anniversary. God only knows how he's put up with me for that long, but we've made it!!

So this is a shout out to him, and here are a few reasons why he's just GREAT:
  1. He is a fantastic cook. Even his simple pasta with tomato sauce is out of this world.
  2. He's not only a boyfriend, but a best friend too.
  3. He'll drop everything to come and help me/comfort me/cook for me (ahem)
  4. He doesn't speak English very often, so that helps me no end with my Italian!! :D
  5. He is gorgeous, funny, kind, generous and ALWAYS supports me. 
OK that'll do for now otherwise you'll be reaching for the sick bucket. But anyway, this post is dedicated to him.

Buon anniversario e tanti auguri amore mio! 

(Normal, sensible posts will resume soon, I promise...)