Wednesday, 14 November 2012

(Almost) perfect pastries!

It's official. I've branched out into pastry land. Well, almost. I mean, I haven't yet made any pastry myself, but I have begun to use it in cooking. Take a look at these rustici that I made recently:

 They were incredibly easy to make, but tasted so good. I used ready made pastry (just to reiterate, I will make my own in the future..honestly..), rolled it out and filled it with these two yummy fillings:

The first is a mixture of aubergine, almonds and Parmesan. And the second? Tomato and mozzarella of course, with a dash of olive oil. Behold, the simple process:

Ta- da! Tasty rustici for everyone! (Actually, it was just me...but they are perfect as a snack or wine accompaniment when entertaining!)
Hope you're all having a smashing week so far!


  1. Simplicity at its best. Aubergine, parmesan and almond; I like the sound of that! I'll be trying that combo :)