Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Just when I was complaining about the weather, a beautiful, sunny Sunday pops up.

And so despite the fact that I had done this the night before:

(Yes, that's mint vodka with Kahlua...!)

...In the morning, I got out of bed (albeit begrudgingly) and headed outside into the blinding sunshine. Yes, literally blinding. I had to shield my eyes for a good 20 seconds until I became accustomed to the glare.

It was a GLORIOUS DAY. Before doing anything else, myself and my man went for a coffee and a great big croissant. Then, we strolled around, launching a 'ciao!' at people we knew (the whole town comes out on Sunday morning, either for a walk after church, or to pick up some delicious cakes) and generally enjoyed being outside. Let's hope the weather continues behaving, and we can do this every Sunday!

You can just make out the Scouts in the background, doing...well, Scouty things)

Now that's definitely a Spring sky...

I hope you all had a smashing weekend!

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  1. We made the mistake of planning a day out on Saturday and wow was it cold. Yesterday was so much better as is today. Long may it last :-) Keep well Diane