Saturday, 2 March 2013

Winter Blues? Just pick up a pizza!

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time in what seems like forever, I finally stepped out onto my balcony...and felt warm. Yesterday afternoon was gloriously sunny, and I truly felt like spring was making an early appearance.

As the evening wore on however, I was catapulted back to reality, as the grey winter skies arrived once again, bringing a load of  rain with them. Sigh. Is anyone else getting really fed up of winter now?

When this happens, we often decide to abandon our giro around town, and opt for something much more agreeable: a film and a pizza. Recently, we took this beauty home, stuck on a film, and ignored the yucky winter rain:

Spring, Summer and Autumn are glorious months in southern Italy, with blue skies in April, endless hot days in July and balmy evenings in September. But Winter? Well, you just have to hunker down, enjoy a bit of Italian telly and crank up the central heating. At least the quality of the pizza doesn't change with the seasons....

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