Monday, 7 May 2012

Bag lady...(part one)

Now, I wouldn't say that my bag obsession is quite as severe as the Irish one's, but I'm starting to appreciate the reason behind her bag lust. There are just so many that are just SO beautiful. Yes, you may be wearing some scruffy old jeans and a pair of battered old pumps, but as long as you have that gorgeous handbag, you can be forgiven for all the other fashion sins you may have committed. In these parts it is essential to have a fantastic handbag. Italian women tend to lean towards something designer (aka ridiculously expensive) when choosing their bag, and, even though I have seen some stunning bags in this price range, I prefer to find those hidden gems that don't cost the earth. I am a fan of Primark bags (see previous post 'Primani?' for the cute coral one), but seeing as Primark has yet to make an appearance in Italy, I shall continue my quest to find other not-so-expensive alternatives. Behold, my current favourite


At only €20, you can't go wrong. And I have had several comments from Italians about how nice it is. Who needs designer?? (Actually, the Irish one does...I can guarantee that she's lusting after a certain sexy, red Guess bag at this exact moment...)

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