Monday, 10 September 2012

Weekend report (yes, it includes dolce...)

Hello all! I hope you had a smashing weekend.

I just have a couple of things to share about my weekend. Firstly, my town had a 'fashion show/dance show/live singer/brass band/famous presenterswhoIdidn'trecognise' thing on Friday night. So we went, we watched, we clapped. (And then got pretty damn chilly...autumn is definitely creeping in). But the best thing about it for me, was spending some time with some lovely girls. Here they are:

Me and the boy also went to see our friends' new flat. It's great. Perfect size, good location, and they've painted one of the walls bright yellow. Sigh. I want to paint MY wall bright yellow tooooo!

This would be gorgeous if it weren't for miss smiler in the middle.
 And of course, on Sunday we bought cakes. Gooey, chocolaty, creamy cakes. Mmmm...

Happy Monday! :D

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